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Buy Washers and Dryers Online Sydney

While manufacturers do not make washers and dryers the same way, you have various options from top brands at Electronics Centre. You can choose from washer-dryer combos or separate appliances to fit your needs.

The Benefits of Laundry Combos

Washer-dryer combinations tend to take up less space than two separate appliances, and you won’t need to move the laundry between machines, or changing gears. You can now do this with a simple push of a button. The drum design within the combo also helps prevent snagging and fraying to be easier on the clothes inside.

Great Separate Laundry Appliance Benefits

The drying capacities of separated dryers tend to be larger than a range of washer-dryers. Dedicated washers and dryers also come with product guarantees, so the manufacturer’s technicians can quickly diagnose damages and make repairs easily. While they may take up more space, each appliance gets the job done faster and is more energy efficient. Choose between top loaders and front loader washers.

Shop online at Electronics Centre for great deals and free shipping in Sydney and nearby suburbs. We also offer many other laundry appliances to make cleanliness easy.

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